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Homework for TOEIC F 2502 on April 09


Dear students,

I send you the transcript and the answer keys of the exercises that I gave you last time. Please check again by yourselves. (Especially, I send you the keys for New English File Elementary workbook from File 1 to 5.)

This time, you’re going to:

–          Do all the exercises in Lesson 13 Quicktest 06

–          Use the audios to complete 4 parts (4 listening comprehension exercises) in file “Lesson 3”

–          Complete the last part in “in-class listening practice”

Regarding vocabulary, please find 5 English countable nouns and 5 English uncountable nouns.

Write all your assignments on A4 paper and hand in next time.

Please take your homework from: https://www.mediafire.com/?hwtusqvmpdjjgpp

Best regards,

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