time postSeptember 15, 2013

Homework for TOEIC F 3108 on September 15


Dear students F 3108,

After today’s lesson, I hope that you all understand thoroughly ways to change singular nouns into plural nouns and the ways of pronouncing “S/ES” ending sounds. Besides, I believe you guys will miss the sweet melody of the song we listened to today :).

Here comes your homework for Lesson 5, which helps you to revise what we learnt  and prepare for next class Lesson: https://hotfile.com/dl/245587074/fc12909/F-Lesson_5-3108.rar.html

Please do as follows:
– Finish the exercises at the back of the handout I delivered to you in class
– Read the grammar handout “Present Simple Tenses” carefully and translate it orally into Vietnamese.
– Revise “S/ES” ending sounds to prepare for a minitest in the next class
– Do Pronunciation exercises in the folder attached. This pronunciation folder is really interesting.All answers must be written on A4 piece of paper.
Deadline for all tasks: next class
Best wishes and see you next Wednesday! ^_^