time postApril 16, 2014

Homework for TOEIC F 2502 on April 16


Dear students,

I send you the transcript and answer keys of exercises I gave you last time. I would like you to check them once again.

You are assigned several tasks this time:

–          Use the audios and the PDF file in the folder “Listening homework lesson 15” to do all the required tasks in the file. Please note down the key words that you can hear to explain for your answers.

–          Do all exercises in “Reading homework lesson 15”.

–          Read, listen, and translate the story “It’s written on the cards” on page 82 in the textbook.

You should also complete all the exercises in your workbook from file 6 to file 7.

You are also required to note down the forms of comparison in English.

Please take your homework from: https://www.mediafire.com/?2hck6tcohckmpst

Best regards,