time postNovember 11, 2013

Homework for TOEIC F 2410 on November 11


Dear students Foundation 2410,

I’m very happy because most of you went to class in spite of the heavy rain. I hope that you’ll keep this spirit until the last lesson of the course.

I send you the transcript of listening homework and answer keys of several exercises that I gave you last time. Please have a look at them.

This time I have several exercises for you:

–         A listening exercise as usual (First, you have to listen very carefully and do the exercise in PDF file. Then, you have to re-play the recording, pause if necessary and write the transcript for the audio file.)

–         A grammar + Vocabulary + Pronunciation practice that I named “Homework-Grammar + Vocab + Pronunciation lesson 5”.

Don’t forget to complete all the exercises in the handouts that I distributed you in class.

You are also required to note down the ways to tell the time in English.

Write all your homework exercises on A4 paper and hand in on next Thursday.

Please take your homework from: https://hotfile.com/dl/249919918/ae4e1a0/F-Homework-_lesson_5_(up).rar.html

Best regards,


Ôn thi TOEIC