time postApril 7, 2014

Homework for TOEIC F 0503 on April 7

Ôn  thi TOEIC

Dear students,

I send you the transcript of listening homework and answer keys of several exercises that I gave you last time. Please have a look at them.

This time, you have to do a listening exercise. Use the audio and the file “homework lesson 10” to do it, please. You have to do all three tasks that I require you in the attached “homework lesson 10.doc” file.

You’re also required to do an exercise to enrich your vocabulary banks. First, do the task in file “Vocab lesson 10”. Then, translate the text into Vietnamese.

There are also several practice exercises in the PDF file “practice exercises”. You have to do them at home to revise what you have learnt in file 4.

Deadline for all tasks: next class.

Please take your homework from: https://www.mediafire.com/?bg2opamepag15fe

Best regards,