time postAugust 15, 2013

Homework for TOEIC F 0407 on August 17

Luyen Thi TOEIC
Dear students,

I send you the transcript of the audio and the answer keys of the homework exercises I gave you last time. Please check once again.

I also send you the audios and the handout of the listening practice exercise I gave you in class. If you haven’t completed them or you want to practice once more time, you’ll find them here.

This time, you are going to:

–         Use the audio and the PDF file called “houses and furniture homework” to practice listening at home.

–         Complete all exercises in “Lesson 12 Quicktest”

To prepare for the next lesson, you are required to note down the forms and uses ofPresent continuous tense.

Deadline for all tasks: next lesson

Please take your homework from: https://hotfile.com/dl/223249962/737c6d7/F-Homework_lesson_12-Edited.rar.html

Best regards,