time postOctober 10, 2013

Homework for TOEIC B 3107 on October 10


Dear students from TOEIC B 3107

How was your day? I hope that you’ve had such a good time at school or with your friends. Now are you ready to take the chance to practice part 3? To do this Actual Test-Part 3, you just need to have a quick look at all the tips and tactics that we studied last week. And then download the audio file (File 100), using the handout I gave you in class. Just do the test once only, please! ^^

Also, in order for you to practice your vocabulary and pronunciation, please open the vocabulary handout delivered to you in class, listen to file 134-141, and try to read out loud after each word/phrase. Then listen to the short talks and fill in the blanks.

In short, you are going to:

–          Do an Actual Test-Part 3

–          Fill in the blanks in the Vocabulary Sheet

–          Practice your pronunciation

Download link:



Mrs. Do Dung


Luyện Thi TOEIC