time postOctober 1, 2013

Homework for TOEIC A 3008 on October 01


Dear students,

Here comes your homework for Lesson 7, which can be taken from this link:  https://hotfile.com/dl/248227015/82990ee/A-Lesson_7-2206.rar.html
Please do as follows:

– Listening to “Part 1 – Strategy” again and write down the transcripts of all sentences A, B, C and D.

– Learn new words in Vocabulary handout “Shopping” and “Hotel”. Don’t forget to check the pronunciation of the words.

– Finish Reading handouts about “Advertisement”

– Finish Grammar handout “Auxiliary Verbs and Tenses – More practice”
You can find all in-class material in the rar. file enclosed.
Deadline for all tasks: next class

Best regards and see you on Friday :)