time postMarch 19, 2014

Homework for TOEIC A 2802 on March 19

Dear students,

After today’s lesson, I hope you fully understood Auxiliary Verbs and Modal Verbs, and you can apply them in doing grammar questions well. Here comes to homework for you for Lesson 6, which can be taken from this link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ol3auou4l8u62n7/A-Lesson_6-2802(2).rar

Please do as follows:

– Read doc. file about Conditional Sentences before you do handout “Auxiliary Verbs and Tenses – More Practice” I delivered to you in class

– Do Listening Practice 3 (read the instruction file before you do it)

– Learn all new words in handout “Shopping and Hotel” I delivered to you in class (you need to remember both their pronunciations and meanings)

Besides, to check your homework for Lesson 5, you should do the things below:
– Use the Key to ED ending sounds to check your pronunciation exercises

– Use the Key to Modal Auxiliary Verbs – HW to check your translation (This is a sample translation for you to compare with yours)

– Use “Tenses (cont.) – TNT – Key” to check your answers.

Deadline for all tasks: next class

Best wishes and wish you enjoy English more and more :)