time postMarch 12, 2014

Homework for TOEIC A 2802 on March 12

Dear students,

After today’s lesson, you will have the chance to have further practice with Tenses and Part 1 with this homework package. Download linkhttp://www.mediafire.com/download/0dp8i2umsagmbmf/A-Lesson+4-2802.rar

Please do as follows:

– Those who got under-seven marks on Minitest on Tenses today need to redo it with clear explanation in Vietnamese for each answer. All of you should revise all things about Tenses to prepare for another Minitest on Tenses in the next class.

– Use folder “Part 1 – U1-U4” to do part 1 in your Starter TOEIC book. You need to listen, write down all sentences A, B, C and D, then circle the correct answers.

– Do Listening Practice 2 like you did for Listening Practice 1. You can read the instruction file if you forget how to do it.

– Learn and remember new words in handout “Body parts and Movements”. You DON”T need to do exercises and remember words in part 4. Inside the Body, part 5. What organs do, and part 7. Moving quickly or slowly.

– Read handout “Auxiliary Verbs” to understand basic theory about Auxiliary Verbs.

Deadline for all tasks: next class

Best wishes and see you on Friday :)