time postApril 5, 2014

Homework for TOEIC A 2802 on April 05

Dear students,
Following is the homework for Lesson 11 I want to send you. Please download it from this link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hw44bood7zm4b40/A-Lesson_11-2802.rar

and do these tasks:

– Do part 3, 4 and 5 of test 3B. You will write down the transcripts, questions and options of 3 conversations and 3 talks in part 3 and part 4. Also, write down questions and options in part 5 whose wrong answers were given by you. Lastly, translate all things you wrote down int Vietnamese.

– Finish Reading handout “Business Correspondence (cont.) we were doing in class

– Listen to 2 recordings enclosed “Part 2 – Opinion” and “Part 3 – Choice”. You can read the slides I enclosed to get familiar with question structures. Choose the correct answers first, then write down the transcript, and finally circle the correct answers.

– Use the KEY to Reading section of the Full TOEIC test I sent you earlier to check your answers carefully. Please read the explanations in Reading thoroughly.

Deadline for all tasks: next class

Best regards and hope you can do all tasks well :)