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Homework for TOEIC A 1702 on April 17

Dear students,

We have gone more than half of the way to the end of the course and I’m gladly saying that you have done 17 homework packages since the beginning of the course. Here comes another homework package for you for Lesson 18 today:

Please download the files from the link above and do the things below:

– Listen to all recordings in folder “Part 3 – Where and What” and do all exercises in that handout. Please remember to look up the meanings and pronunciations of all words in the lists of Common Vocabulary.

– Use the Transcript and Key to part 3 – Topic and Reason to check your homework of Lesson 17

– Learn new words and do exercises in Vocabulary handout “Trains and Airlines”

– Do exercises in the first 7 pages in pdf. file named “To Infinitives and Gerunds” I enclose. Please write down your answers on a piece of paper. You also can read the fullest theory about “To Infinitives and Gerunds” in the doc. file attached.

– Complete all tasks of test 2B to prepare for the third progress test this Sunday.

Best wishes and good luck to you with the test! Also, we will see each on Sunday evening at 6 p.m. to have a back-up class. Hope to see you all and hear good news about the test from you, guys :)

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