time postAugust 16, 2013

Homework for TOEIC A 1608 on August 16

Luyện Thi Toeic

Luyen Thi TOEIC
Dear students TOEIC A 1608

Welcome you to our TOEIC class! I hope that we will have a great time together! :)

This is your first homework package, which you can take from the following link: Luyện Thi TOEIC

– Please read the instruction file carefully to do listening tasks

– You also need to take pdf. file named “Tenses” and translate the first 7 pages into Vietnamese (you can write by hand or type on pieces of A4 paper). You don’t need to translate all examples into Vietnamese (just translate examples that you think they are difficult), but below each use of a tense, you need to list at least one example.

Deadline for all tasks: next class (August 19)

Enjoy learning :)!

Best wishes,