time postDecember 21, 2013

Homework for TOEIC A 1511 on December 21


Dear students,

I am writing to say sorry to all of you for having let you go 5 minutes earlier than usual due to my personal mistake. Next lesson, I will lengthen our lesson so as to compensate for your loss of time today. Sorry again, dears!

Today lesson is about Negation and Parallel structures which have been now much easier for most of you , right?.Once you  could finish all in class as well as take home exercises I gave you , I can say for sure that this grammatical matter will be a piece of cake for you in any Toiec tests :)).

As usual, here comes the link for you to download mp3 audios for your listening


And here are some reminders of your homework:

1. Finish grammar exercises on Gerunds and Infinitives given in class.

2. Finish Vocabulary exercises on Salaries and Benifits given in class. For this task, I would like you to look up the dictionary for the meaning of each word, try to translate its examples into Vietnamese for a full understanding, then finish the practice exercises at the back.

3. Use audios to finish listening hand out given in class, themed “Things descriptions”. Don’t forget to translate each sentence on it into Vietnamese.

4. Finish the ” Mini test ” hand out ( you can find the listenind audios in the homework package I attached here).

5. Do the rest of the exercises we haven’t had time to finish in class today.

6. Go to page 29 of Starter Toiec to Finish practice exercises on Negation and parrallel.

7. Go on doing exercise in Tree Toeic book. The one that Mr. Thang gave you at the beginning of our course.

Keep warmer and go on studying harder and harder to make this cold winter become much warmer and sweeter with the progress in your  Toeic learning. Come on, dears !

With love,

Ms. Huyen Trang

Ôn luyện toeic