time postOctober 16, 2013

Homework for TOEIC A 1009 on October 16


Dear students,

I am sending you the homework for Lesson 9 , download link. You will do as follows:
– Do grammar handout “Comparison” + vocabulary handout “Banking”
– Use the transcript and key with clear explanations from this link to check your answers to the full TOEIC test I sent you earlier:  https://hotfile.com/dl/250764878/d9094cd/Key-full_test_1.rar.html

– Do listening of Part 2 – 7 kinds of questions. You have to print out the pdf. file and do the exercises by filling in the blanks with missing words. Moreover, you should check the pronunciations and meanings of words listed on each page. They are very important words in part 2.

– Print handout “Part 7 – Business Correspondence (cont.) and do reading exercises
This is an extra Listening homework, which you can take from:  https://hotfile.com/dl/249985778/d243f39/A-Lesson_14-1608-extra.rar.html (You can see the name of the file is different from usual but it is the homework I really want to send you)

For part 1 and 2, please write down all words you hear and note down answers. For part 3 and 4, please note down key words and phrases.

Deadline for all tasks: next class

Best wishes and hope you can learn a lot from the tasks I mentioned above :)

P/S: We aren’t having a class this Saturday and see you next week if there isn’t any change :)