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Homework for IELTS B29032016 on May 4


Hi my dear students from IELTS B2903

I’ve been back from my vacation. In fact, my family and I spent most of the holiday being with the people we love. It was great! How about you?


I’m writing to send you the questions for speaking practice. Remember what we learnt in class last time about family stuffs? Here are the questions for you to practice. As usual, just answer the questions using the words and structures I taught you in class, record your voice, and send it to me via email (thanhdung.nnqg@gmail.com) or via Facebook. And don’t forget to send me a phone message (0906.033.036) to alert me that your work is done!


IELTS Part 1: Answer ALL questions below

  1. What does your father do?
  2. How much time do you spend with your family?
  3. Do you prefer to go out with your family or your friends?
  4. Where do you live at the moment?
  5. Who do you look like in your family? In what way?
  6. Who makes you laugh in your family?
  7. Who is the bread-winner in your family?
  8. Do you often eat out with your family? When?Where?


IELTS Part 2: (Choose ONE of the following topics)

  1. Describe a person you love most
  2. Describe a person who have great influence on you
  3. Describe a singer you like best
  4. Describe your best/close friend


IELTS Part 3: Answer ALL questions below


  1. What do you think is the most important in life? Family or money or a good job?
  2. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Do you agree?
  3. Money can buy everything, even a happy family or a good friend. Do you agree?
  4. Should parents make decisions for their children’s life?
  5. Do you prefer living in a nuclear family or an extended family?


Hope to see you very soon!


Mrs. Do Dung

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