time postJune 27, 2013

Học Toeic – Intel Vietnam targets local produce


HCM CITY (VNS)— Intel Products Viet Nam is looking for more local suppliers to raise the ratio of local content in its products manufactured and assembled at its facility in Sai Gon Hi-Tech Park.

More than 54 Vietnamese enterprises on Tuesday attended a Local Supplier Fair organised by Intel in collaboration with Sai Gon Hi-Tech Park to discuss potential contracts.

Jeff Prunty, director of global sourcing and procurement at Intel, said the majority of components for production at the Intel Viet Nam factory were imported, mostly from Malaysia.

Local content in the products made at the Viet Nam factory only makes up about 10 per cent, Prunty said.

The company wants to find good local suppliers to cut costs in a bid to enhance its competitiveness and address the demand for mass production.-VNS


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